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Customized Coating Lines
Customized Coating Lines
Customized Coating Lines
Customized Coating Lines
Customized Coating Lines
Customized Coating Lines
Customized Coating Lines
Customized Coating Lines

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Pharmaceutical Industry


We have the number of products for pharmaceutical industry like acids, salts, sulphates and phosphates which can be dried / heated by using our equipments. Used Advanced technology is implemented there are various benefits like pollution free product, properly shaped granules, improvement in purity ,absence of any microorganisms and no heat loss. Drying is much faster than regular dryers.


Our Electromagnetic heating equipments can serve almost every heating activity in the Pharma Industry like Tempering, Pharmaceutical granulation, Wet granules, polymerization, Melt granules, Tablet granulation, Aqueous film coating, pharmaceutical powder making and drying, Palletizing, Pasteurizing, Liquefying, Thawing, Sterilization.

Products that can be dried / heated

There is wide range of products in the pharma industry that can be treated like Aminocapronic acid.

Ascorbic acid, Cocarboxilase chloride, Ticarcillin disodium, Pyridomine Phosphate, Cloxacillinn sodium, Sodium & lithium iodide, Nafcillin sodium, Flucloxacillin sodium, Tobramycin sulphate, Clindamycin Phosphate, Poly (ethylene glycol), Amikacin sulphate, Ticarcillin disodium, Sodium chloride.


When you use our Modern Technology you get several benefits like Improvement in the characteristic of granules in tablet, Dissolution test exhibit good release profile, Reduce environmental problem, Dry granules are more spherical & geometrically regular, Reduction in unwanted side reaction, Pollution free production, Purity in final product, Reduction in germ count, Destruction of Micro organism, Improved workplace environment - no radiated heat-loss, Chemical stability of drug is unaffected by RF/microwave irradiation, Porosity value of granules prepared using RF/microwave drying is lower, Mean particle size is larger for the granules dried using RF/microwave, Drying rates during film coating are 2 to 22 times higher using microwave energy, as compared to conventional drying.

Technology options available

For every specific target substance or Material, we provide different technological options to choose from. You can choose from Frequency (RF or Microwave), Batch type process (Replaces Tray Dryer).

Continuous conveyer dryer, Air / Hot air assisted drying, Vacuum assisted E-drying, Hybrid approach i.e. Used RF/MW technology in your pre-post stage of your existing plant.


  • Pharma friendly and Pollution free construction. (to the standards of CIP & GMP)
  • Controls can be Custom built specific to your environment, target substances
  • Operation panel that is full of ease
  • Design that helps for safe and easy operation and maintenance
  • Minimized radio field leakage, made to international standards
  • Pre-programmable Timer on the display for added ease and to avoid losses due to excess heating